A simple and reliable leave-tracking solution for remote companies

A hassle free approach to leave management

Effortless leave management

Manage company wide leaves through your email inbox. Experience simple employee time-off booking. Get instant workflow notifications.

Remote friendly tools

Get help handling multiple countries configuration in one account. You can apply different PTO, holiday calendars and attendance policies depending on the location.

Instant Calendar Syncing

Automatically sync your approved leaves with the office calendar so that your colleagues know when you take time off.

Easy to use
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Leave Management made easy

Save time on leave management so you can spend your time building your core business

Easy leave management

Plan all PTO in advance and get it approved all in one platform. Get notified via email when an employee applies for leave.

Custom Leave Types

Manage and customize any type of absences such as PTO, sick leave, parental leave and more.


Track employee vacations worldwide. Our calendars offer integration with worldwide holidays so you never have to miss out.

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